Tuesday, May 6, 2008

What does your soundtrack say to YOU?

Do you think you are hard on yourself? I think most women are. Why can't we just celebrate the "here and now" instead of beating ourselves up for the "shoulda-woulda-coulda"?

An example of this is my weight loss. This morning was weigh-in, and I lost another three pounds, for a total of 32 lbs. I am over the moon with ecstasy!

But...The moment I stepped off the scale I started beating myself up. I have been plateauing for the last few weeks -- I had only lost one pound in the past three previous weeks. So, of course, the negative sound track started to play in my head...

"Three pounds...it's about time."
"You slacker, you should have lost this three weeks ago."
"If you did better while on vacation, you would have lost more by now"

I could go on with this, but you get the point. I did something different, though -- I stopped myself, grinned into the mirror, and congratulated myself. I have been watching my weight for 4 months and have lost 32 lbs. I am into a new "set-of-ten" on the scale. I feel great, I look so much better...I am going to celebrate ME!

So, let's switch our soundtrack to positive, shall we? Now, if you will excuse me, I have to go speed walk for an hour -- maybe my iPod has some uplifting, congratulatory music on it that I can listen to while I burn off more calories : )

Have a great week!


hamblinj said...

Hi Pat
I am an Aussie has just found your site (through your technique junkies page!). I started my ww journey last October and am committed to making my life healthier. I am the same age as you so was thrilled to read your blog. I intend to keep checking up on you and 'looking over your shoulder' and hopefully this will also keep me on track!

Keep it up, you are doing a fabulous job!

Susan said...

My sound track is a bit warped lately! I worked hard to lose 4 lbs last month, only to feel like I could now treat myself. I have been playing with the same 4-5 lbs up and down for over a year now. I think it is time to change my record and come up with a new song. :)

And when you look in the mirror and congratulate yourself, remember to apologize for the earlier self-bashing - apologizing to yourself goes a LONG way. Time for me to go hit the mirror!

Julie said...

Wow -- I am impressed with your determination and your weight-loss success! I was brought to your blog through your Patstamps newsletter (I was sent a special offer renewal email today -- still thinkin about it!), and I read all your posts. It's interesting how our situations are similar. Although I'm currently 42 yrs old, I was a size 8 when I was 25 just as you were, and I also want to lose a 1/3 of what I currently weigh. I was just talking to my co-worker today about this, how I want to lose 60 lbs (yes, that's a 1/3)... I don't think it was a coincidence that I found your blog today. I have been trying to lose weight, just by eating sensibly and walking...and so far it's only been about 5 lbs. I can walk my local trail (5 miles) in about 75 mins...but I don't do it every day :(

I have been inspired to work harder by reading through your blog and hope to join you in your success. Best wishes as you head closer to that goal :) THANK YOU so much for starting this blog. I'm sure it has inspired many other people.

Now I'm going to sign up to get your email updates! :)

Terri Capobianco said...

Hi Pat, Congrats on busting through the plateau (although, losing is losing, even if its "only" one pound!!) We're on the same wavelength, though...I just did the same thing (finally dropped, and berated myself for not doing it 3 weeks ago!) I'm not sure that will ever change. I am getting pretty good at forgiving myself, though, we can't all be perfect.

Again, 32 lbs. is amazing!! Congratulations!

Niki Winchell said...

I can SO relate to those plateaus, and vacation nudging our weight in the wrong direction. I have both going on right now. I had only lost 3 pounds in the last 45 days, then had a get away weekend last week. I "found" the 3 pounds I lost, plus another! And we're going on vacation next week. I just need to keep reminding myself that eating healthy, adequately satisfying portions is a lifestyle choice I am making, every day.

On the good news update, I moved the big (50 pound) weight down one notch on the scale at the rec center last week. It's been 19 months in the process, and that was a big milestone!

Have a great week,

Mary Davidson said...

Congratulations Pat!!! You are doing a terrific job! Lucky you to have your own personal trainor! I'm the classic yo yo dieter. Maybe I would do better if I journal in a blog for the whole world to see. Keep up the great work! Mary