Monday, January 21, 2008

Who is SHE???

Yee Haw! Who is that chick? Hey, she is 2/3 of me!!! THAT is what I looked like 20 short years ago -- and 1/3 less than I am. Well, I think I was less that that, but this was probably my best weight. The date was May, 1987...about 7 months before I married my husband.

I am 5'10", and I don't think I ever looked better than this. I had to dig to find a full-bodied shot -- even then I was the one behind the camera! This, at least, gives you a starting point to visualize where I was. While I don't necessarily want to get back to this weight, it is a good reminder of what is hidden in me below the layers of unnecessary weight I am carrying around. I have to tell you, I showed Mark this picture before I scanned it, and I thought his eyes would pop out of his head! HE remembers me at that weight.
Okay, now for the reality check.
This is me now. It is not a full shot -- I am not ready to reveal that yet -- but you can see by my face that I have that layer of weight on me that I am desperately trying to shed.

So here is an update on where I am...
I started WW on 1/03. According to my tracked weight today, I have lost....10 lbs! Yes, I have lost the first 10. It helps to be motivated!

I skied this weekend -- and even though I had some equipment problems, I still managed to get three hours of skiing in. And I even did 15 minutes this morning on my Nordic Track (it is too cold to go outside and walk).

Hooray for me! How did YOU do?


Gerrie said...

I did a lotta eatin'....but I'll join you on Tues.....You go are doin' FAB!

Brenda H. said...

Hmmm, you and I are about at the same beginning point ... a 1/3 loss is where I need to be! Also like you, I have many irons in the fire but you know ... this is one iron that NEEDS to be in the fire ... I think I'll visit WW online NOW!!! Thanks for the boost and hang in there ... I know you can do this!