Monday, January 14, 2008

Welcome to my Journey!

Welcome to my weight loss journey.

I know that some of you are thinking that I have so many online "irons in the fire" - why would I want to start another blog? Well, the answer is simple -- this one is for me. And I need YOU to help ME.

You see, I have to become Two-Thirds of myself. I need to lose 1/3 of my current weight to get back to a healthy, attractive, reasonable weight.

One-Third. Whew. That is a lot, isn't it? Thats a ton of good eating behind the 1/3 that needs to melt off me. Well, no-one says that I can't eat well and be well while I am losing that third.

This blog is my way of putting my weight loss efforts out there for all to see -- a very public way for me to lose my weight. A bit of accountability. I need accountability and the idea that there are people looking over my shoulder. So will you join me on my public journey? If you decide to lose weight, too, great -- but just keep me accountable, will you?

Alright, down to Brass Tacks.

I started Weight Watchers online on January 4th. I have lost 6.4 pounds in the 10 days that I have been on the program. I really love this online tool -- I spend a great deal of my life in the cyber-world, why not diet on it? Really, I like the immediacy of the tracking tools and the way that it keeps me in focus.

Okay, that is enough for today. I hope to have some pictures for you tomorrow -- before and current -- so that you can visualize the extra third and get an idea of where I want to go.

Come on along for the journey! Care to join me? I'll try to entertain, tell a few stories, shoe some pictures, educate and share as I work toward becoming two-thirds of myself.

Won't you look over my shoulder?


thecrossstitcher said...

Hello Pat;

I too have joined Weight Watchers to lose 1/3 of my weight. I'll be following you and maybe that will inspire me also. Keep up the good work!

Valerie Byrnes said...

So, you've actually gone and done it...

Good Girl, I'm with you all the way and you are helping me rediscover my lost motivation.

Lisa said...

Way to Go Pat! You're doing great!

deb in mn said...

I understand how you feel! I've been there. It took me so long to loose it, but it was worth it. You just feel better about life in general. Its nice to go to the closet and pick something that you know you might look sexy in!
I've kept my weight off now for one year, but it is a daily struggle. But the rewards are worth it.
Good luck and YOU GO GIRL!!

Deanna Kemp said...

Way to go Pat its not a easy journey but you can do it. I have been doing ww jsut over a year. I got to goal last april jsut befor Stampin ups cruise. Got onthe ship and gained 10 pounds! Nothing liek setting the crazy lady free in a eating freenzy. Well took me till January 2 to get back on track.I had gained a few more pounds over the summer also. I am back on track and as of this morning about 9 pounds to goal. I hope to be tehre for cruise again and stay on track while on the ship. Good luck and I will be watching you!! LOL

Deanna Kemp
Brooks Alberta Canada!

Terri Capobianco said...

Right here with you, Pat!! I need to lose a little less than half, so you are not alone. Keep up the great work!!!

Ro Donner said...

Pat, I just read your weight loss blog. I'm very inspired by your attitude. You and I have a lot in common. I, too, am struggling with weight issues. I just turned 50 and am about 40 lbs overweight (I'm 5'9"). At 23, I weight 118. My daughter is getting married in June, so I have incentive. I started my eating habit change (not a diet) the beginning of February and have lost 18 lbs. I had a knee replacement about 2.5 years ago and the extra weight definitely has put a strain on my knees (both of them). Keep up the good work with your weight loss. You are an inspiration for a lot of us.

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