Monday, February 11, 2008

To love or to hate...the scale saga

Do you love your scale or hate it? Well, that depends.
This week, I love my scale. I lost 3.6 lbs this week -- bringing my total loss since January 4th to 15.6 lbs. I am astonished that the scale was my BFF this week! It was due to the fact that I went skiing yesterday -- it is such an intense workout and I know my body reacted positively to it.
I confess, I also hate my scale. I even hate it a bit this week too. I hate it because I am afraid that this week's weight loss it too good to be true and when I step on the scale again tomorrow, it will show me weighing in higher. That's silly, right? But I know YOU know what I mean. Those little numbers (little, mean, rotten digital numbers) are our gauge. Yes, I know. I am not supposed to "care" about what those numbers say. Weight gurus tell you that it is all about how you "feel." Sorry, skinny gurus. When you have 70 lbs to lose, you CARE about that scale number.
Of COURSE I am happy that my jeans are looser. I do feel better, even in a short period of time. But I care more about that scale. It is my measurement.
Yes, my diet is a lifestyle change. When I get to my goal, the numbers will be less important. But right now, friends, I am living by those digital demons.
PS: I have been receiving quite a few personal emails from those of you who have been following my journey and/or have been inspired by it to start your own journey. Each of you have touched my heart more than you know, and have inspired and motivated me to stay on track with you. WE can do this together!


TC said...

Hi Pat, I was scrolling down you blog today and noticed this site. Thought I would check it out.
I used to weigh 275lbs, Twenty-Two years ago. It took my 2 years and ALOT of hard work. But I lost the weight and another 250lbs on top of that. LOL My DH at the time decided he didn't like a skinny wife.
I've kept the weight off for most of this time. It wasn't until the last year when I got sick that I put some on,15 lbs. AUUGH!
He's a little about me. I'm 44, happily marries of 10yrs, with 3 cats. I'm a diabetic due to genetics. It had nothing to due with the excess weight, when I was younger. Both parents are. Because of that fact it's been very aggressive with me. In the last 2 yrs, I've had 3 heart attacks because of failing kidney's, 3 eye surgery's(otherwise I'd be using braille now), and my kidney's did fail. I'm now on dialysis.
The reason for the background has to do with food. Oh, I'm also a chef. When I was young I used food to self-medicate. Although as a kid and teenager I didn't know this. Food was the enemy. Then I lost weight and life was great. Food was fun! I loved food. But I had learned to eat healthy and how to taste things at work, not eat them. Then when I was 28, I became diabetic. Food was the enemy again. I again learned about food and it was fun again. The last 2 years food has been the enemy again and the scale. I can't retain too much fluid or I could have another heart attack.. It's too long to explain, but a renal-cardiac-diabetic diet do not match. What you can eat in one group is not allowed in the other. Just an example- as a diabetic veggies are good! Renal- veggies are bad =(.
Being a chef has helped a great deal in understanding about food. It has definitely help with all the things that life has thrown at me. What I wanted to say is Great Job on losing weight and making the commitment! That is the hardest part of the process. I have a lot of tips to help you and if you want to ask me questions about food or recipes. Please feel free to ask. One of the biggest is to use your scale as a guide and tool. But it is not written in stone. Some weeks you don't look like you've lost weight, some you gained. It's the over time that you want to look at. Your body fluctuates from one week to another. As you well know sometimes we retain fluid. Another thing that will have you retain fluid, that will make it look like you gained weight is salt. It will drp off in a day or two. But none the less, when you step on a scale your weight shot up.
Pat yourself on the back Pat! Job well done!
Theresa Dalzell-Wells

Anonymous said...

Pat, this is the first time I have noticed your weight loss blog, and I read every word. I have just started my own journey, and also have about 1/3 of myself to lose... I joined a gym last Wednesday, and hope that is going to help. My DH joined with me, and he also has Lupus, so know there may be times when he can't do it, but right now, he's good.
I'm eating better, but that darn jar with chocolates that someone keeps filling at the office is my worst failing... oh well, tomorrow is a new day. I'll be glad to watch your progress and pray for your success as well as mine!
Patti Hughes