Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My weight loss is like a heartbeat...

Well, in a way it is like a heartbeat. One week I lose 3+ pounds, and the next week I lose one or nothing. At least my "weight-heartbeat" is staying above the line -- meaning weight loss (in this case, below the line would be weight gain, and that would not be good!). So technically I guess my weight is more like a mountain range -- some of the peaks are high and some are low.
I have a theory about this. I really think it has nothing to do with what you eat or how you excersize. I think when your body loses a bunch of weight (for me, 3 lbs or more in a week is a bunch of weight), then it needs the next week to "catch-up", so it doesn't lose as much. I'm okay with that personally, because this is a weight loss journey -- not a weight-loss race.
Do you like my theory? It is not based in any medial or scientific fact. Just my observation. I guess it really doesn't matter that much -- if I don't lose that pound one week, perserverence tells me that I will lose it the next week, or the week after that.
So I bet you can guess how much I lost this week -- another pound. That brings the total to 16.6 pounds.
How did you do this week?


stampingkelly said...

Pat, you are doing awesome!! I have been following (or not following some weeks LOL) the WW program since Februrary 2007 and I have taken off just over 20 pounds in that time. For you to have taken off 16.6 in such a short time (comparatively speaking) is just excellent! My WW leader always has to remind me that everyone will reach milestones at different times and it's not a race. Thanks for the reminder - we can do this!!

TC said...

Congratulations Pat!
That is exactly how I felt after awhile about the weight loss. Not every week is a success in losing weight, but as long as I didn't gain weight. WooHoo!. It is a journey. And it is the accummulative success over time that is important. Keep at it Pat. You are doing great.
Theresa in Seattle

Terri Capobianco said...

Pat, I have the same weight loss pattern...and then sometimes I just get stuck. I think "no gain" is a victory! I had a lousy week, and I'm 1 pound from my mini-goal of getting to my wedding weight, so I'm triply frustrated. But as long as we just keep going, it will all come off eventually! Keep up the great work and the great attitude!