Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Getting fat from veggies?

This is a true story. Buckle in! It's not pretty.

I took my sons to lunch last week. We went to Cosi -- it is a frenchish-chain bistro-ish restaurant (really, one step up from Fast food). they have salads, Flatbread sandwiches, pizza -- we really like the food there. Usually I get a salad with the dressing on the side...they are really good.

What I LIKE about Cosi is that they post the nutritional information about their food on their website. So I can eat there, go home, figure out how much I ate for the day, and move on.

Perfect for a responsible, weight-conscious individual, right? BZZZZZZ Wrong answer, Johnnie.

To change things up this time, I ordered this:
Vegi Muffaletta
Grilled eggplant, chopped green olives, banana peppers, green onions, olive oil, provolone, parmesan cheese & shredded romaine.

As you can see, that was copied right from their website. Looks good, right? All veggies...on whole-grain flatbread.

It was yummy. I told my sons that I would order it every time. I am telling you, I could eat one every single day.

Then, I went home and checked the nutritional information. .

That wonderful "Veggie" sandwich is the second highest caloric sandwich Cosi offers. It was 854 calories. PLUS, it had a WHOPPING 51 grams of fat. FIFTY ONE. and to pour salt into the wound, it has 2929 grams of sodium!!! My heart is still trying to recover! (but it does explain why the sandwich tasted so dang good LOL)

I was MAD. I actually felt duped. I know it is silly, and Cosi has no responsibility to those of us trying to watch our weight, but if you put a veggie dish on your menu, can you at least make it something that we can fit into our diets? I think they should have a notation next to it that says "NOT a healthy option."

So that is how I am getting fat from veggies.

That being said, I lost 1/2 lb this week. Not huge, but still a loss. I think I am still digesting that sandwich!!!! I am at 39 lbs. Looking for the big 40!

PS: If you DO eat at Cosi, not only should you check the nutritional information before you go, but you should eat the white flatbread instead of the whole grain -- the whole grain has more calories, fat and LESS fiber than the white. Go figure.


Terri Capobianco said...

Doesn't make sense, does it? That's why I don't eat at Panera anymore. You could probably save a bunch of fat grams and calories by asking them to not grill the bread (I read somewhere that most of those restaraunts butter and grill the bread.) Sorry to hear about that experience. Wouldn't it be great if all eating establishments posted nutritionals on the menu? Of course, then we'd all order a side salad and glass of water. LOL!

Susan said...

WE don't have a Cosi, but I have also noticed that foods are not always what they seem. So strange - it's hard to know what you are actually eating fat & calorie wise.
Good for you approaching the 40 milestone. I am at 21 pounds since April 17 --- and it's slowing down!

Donna said...

Hey Pat,

I had joined WW in late 2000 and lost down to goal weight by the end of 2001, was lifetime for five years, now after having knee surgery and moving and gaining my 47 pounds pretty much back, I am headed back to counting those points and like you - I have to start watching what is actually in each thing I eat out. It is horrible what calories are in some of the foods at restaurants. I usually go to Dotties Weight Loss zone because she has gotten all those good places on there and what you can and can't eat! hehehe This week I lost 3 pounds, so I only have about 35 to go! LOL Just terrible when you have to watch every little bite!! Good Luck and I know you can make that 40 and keep going as far as you want. Sure feels good when you get there... Thanks for sharing your experience - I have never heard of Cosi, but it sure sounds like good food..