Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A quick little update...

I just wanted to leave a quick little update on my progress...

I have lost another 3.4 lbs for a total of 20 lbs. I am amazed, but not surprised!

My Father-in-law is a healthy man. In his sixties, he can run circles around most of us in this world. He rides bikes competitively, runs, and has been a coach and phys ed teacher. He has had several high-level jobs, and has conquered almost every sport you can think of, from running to golf to bowling. He is totally physically fit. Truthfully, he is the most successful person I know.

And he just retired from his corporate job.

So now he has time. And two weeks ago, I asked him if he would train me. He agreed...and he has been working with me since. I drive to his house a few mornings a week, and walk on his treadmill while he watches my heartbeat and stats; he is working on building my endurance and measuring where I am so that eventually I can run. (he rides his racing bike in a stationary stand along side me -- it is very amicable!)

I am in a good place! I am excising, eating's all good. I feel terrific right now and hope to keep incorporating this into my lifestyle as a life-long habit of living.

How are YOU doing?

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